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Lowcountry Pest Management Residential and Commercial Pest Control Services –
Dealing with pests can be a health risk,


The lowest bid isn’t necessarily the best way to get rodent removal results. What you need is a professional company,


In the US, termites strike five times as many homes as fire and do more economic damage annually than all tornados,


Lowcountry Pest Management now offers air duct cleaning in the Mount Pleasant and Charleston, SC area.

Lowcountry Pest Management

Lowcountry Pest Management of Mount Pleasant, SC has been providing expert services in pest control and pest removal for over 22 years.

We are a family owned business and understand that In a climate as varied and extreme as the southeast, it is essential to ensure that your home is protected by the best products and service in the industry.

At Lowcountry Pest Management, we are proud to provide the following services to our customers:

  • Termite protection
  • Rodent control
  • Quarterly Pest Control
  • And many other services to deal with your most common pests

Also, ask about our commercial services including Bed Bugs; Birds & Pigeons; Bees & Wasps, and Cockroaches.

Commercial and Residential Pest Control

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Residential and Commercial Pest Control

Dealing with pests can be a health risk, and they can even destroy your property. We work within strict standards of top-quality workmanship, reliability, and exceptional customer service.

About Crawl Space Encapsulations

The purpose of a is to promote air circulation throughout your home and allow easy access to plumbing and electrical systerns. But these spaces notoriously suffer from moisture-related issues caused by condensation, humidity, groundwater seepage from the surrounding soil, and other factors.



Pest Control One Year Commitment Discount is Off First Quater Price
Lowcountry Pest Management


Installation of Foundation vents- install new metal grated vents or temp vents.

Lowcountry Pest Management understands that prevention is critical when it comes to keeping bugs from your home. Over the years we have become knowledgeable at the following services to help keep pests, rodents and more from gaining access to your home. Let us help you with the following services for an entirely controlled environment.

Insulation Work- remove fallen damaged insulation in the crawlspace, Reapply fallen insulation throughout crawlspace. Clean attics of animal feces and re-insulate attics if necessary.
Crawl space clears out- remove insulation, old vapor barriers, trash, and debris.Re-wrap AC ducts if needed.

​Termite damage repair- wood rot and structural repairs if necessary.

Moisture control- Vapor barriers, moisture control vapor barriers, foundation fans, foundation vents, sump pumps, and French drains systems to remove water away from homes. Vapor barriers 6, 12, or 20 mil vapor barriers installed over 80-100% of the crawlspace to help aid in control of ground moisture.

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